Fantasy Environment Photo Composite

In this Photoshop course, learn how to create a photomanipulation using the very same tools and techniques as seen in my YouTube Channel! From blending to lighting, this course will show you what's needed to achieve top level photo composites.



Fantasy Environment Photo Composite


One Time

  • 1hr 45mins of detailed instruction
  • Download all stock assets used
  • Audio: English
  • Unlimited access 

Course Overview

Includes:  25 Lessons | 15 Free Stock Images | Cheat Sheet | 1hr42mins 

Module 1 | Pre-work

3 Lessons | 5mins

This module covers, how to find inspiration, where to get free stock images for Photoshop art and how to set up you Photoshop document.

Module 2 | Creating The Foreground

6 Lessons | 41mins

This module covers everything needed to create the foreground of the composite, including the practical steps and techniques to get your composite looking ace.

Module 3 | Creating The Background

8 Lessons | 31mins

This module focuses on the background of the composite. Includes lessons on lighting the background and how to add clouds, light rays and birds.

Module 4 | Adding The Character

4 Lessons | 22mins

This module covers how to add a character to the scene. You'll learn how to add accessories and how to effectively blend the character in the composite.

Module 5 | Lighting The Scene

1 Lesson | 5mins

This module focuses on how to add cinematic lighting and add depth to the scene.

Module 6 | Finishing Moves

3 Lessons | 8mins

Module 6 will focus on the finishing touches needed to enhance the final image, from colour and contrast to how to add highlights.

What People Are Saying ... 


Graphic Designer

"I enjoyed the creating process very much and would highly recommend this course to any creator, from the beginner to advanced level, as it is easy to follow, detailed lessons for any level of experience."


Digital Creator

"Just finished the course and I would highly recommend it. I'm just starting to learn photoshop, and photo manipulation and I've learnt so much from this course."


Digital Artist

"The course was an amazing experience! I’d recommend it to experienced artists and newbies alike. Tons to learn from it!"


Digital Artist

"Just finished the course put on by PhaseRunner This is my final image! This was an amazing course and showed how to make amazing art with easy concepts and tricks!"