In this Photoshop course ...

you will learn how to design a captivating cinematic poster. Explore the basics of crafting a standard movie poster, mastering essential Photoshop tools, techniques, and strategic title/text placements.


Course Overview

Includes:  20 Lessons | Stock Images | Cheat Sheet | Billing Block | 1hr 20mins

Module 1 | Pre-work

2 Lessons

This module provides an introduction to movie posters and how to set up your Photoshop document.

Module 2 | Creating The Background

6 Lessons

This module covers creating the composite background, adding the dragon, clouds, and incorporating a lens flare.

Module 3 | Creating The Foreground

4 Lessons

This module focuses on the tower and character of the composite. Includes lessons on lighting and blending as well as how to add clouds and mist.

Module 4 | Adding Effects

2 Lessons

This module guides you in adding lighting and colour to the scene, including a lesson on creating a cinematic filter effect.

Module 5 | Finishing Moves

1 Lesson

This module explores using the Camera Raw filter for this poster type.

Module 6 | Adding Text

5 Lessons

This module concentrates on essential text elements for your poster, covering title creation and adding a billing block.

Meet your instructor ...


PhaseRunner is a digital artist and YouTuber who provides Photoshop content, sharing the tools and techniques used in his own creations.

"I've had the privilege of creating official artwork for franchises like Star Wars, Marvel and Avatar. As well as concept art and illustration for games and feature animations."

Fantasy Movie Poster Photoshop Course


One Time Purchase

  • 1hr 20mins of detailed instruction
  • All stock assets¬†provided
  • Audio: English
  • Unlimited access¬†