In this Photoshop course ...

you will learn to combine multiple images, seamlessly blend layers, add shadows and highlights and create holographic and neon effects plus so much more!


Course Overview

Includes:  25 Lessons | 12 Free Stock Images | Cheat Sheet | 2hr 42mins 

Module 1 | Pre-work

3 Lessons | 5mins

This module covers how to find inspiration, where to get free stock images for Photoshop art and how to set up your Photoshop document.

Module 2 | Creating The Background

2 Lessons | 15mins

This module covers everything needed to create the background of the composite, including the practical steps and techniques to set-up a solid starting point.

Module 3 | Adding The Character

4 Lessons | 49mins

This module focuses on the character of the composite. Includes lessons on lighting and blending as well as how to create that dynamic holographic rain.

Module 4 | Adding The Butterflies

7 Lessons | 48mins

This module covers how to add the butterflies to the scene and create the holographic neon effect. We will also look at composition and how to use it to our advantage.

Module 5 | Lighting The Scene

3 Lesson | 17mins

This module focuses on how to add cinematic lighting and colour grade the scene.

Module 6 | Finishing Moves

6 Lessons | 16mins

This module will focus on the finishing touches needed to enhance the final image, from colour and contrast to how to add a retro 3D effect.

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Graphic Designer

"I have really enjoyed this course because it is really easy to follow and i got some usefull tips that i can use in my future projects. Also, it was very rewarding when i got it finished!"


Digital Creator

"The courses prepared by Phase Runner are easy to follow and fully packed with valuable techniques perfect for all experience levels. The Neon Butterflies Composite is no exception. Highly recommended for photo manipulation, matte painting and digital art enthusiasts in general."


Digital Artist

"Just finished the latest PhaseRunner photo composition course and it was amazing! I had a blast with his first fantasy artwork course and found this new course to be just as rewarding. If you want to get into photo composition art, I highly recommend taking his courses!"


Digital Creator

"Another amazing course by PhaseRunner. If you're new to photo manipulation then his courses are a must. Easy to follow, full of great content, and reasonably priced."

Meet your instructor ...


PhaseRunner is a digital artist and YouTuber who provides Photoshop content, sharing the tools and techniques used in his own creations.

"I've had the privilege of creating official artwork for franchises like Star Wars, Marvel and Avatar. As well as concept art and illustration for games and feature animations."

Neon Butterflies Photo Composite


One Time

  • 2hr 42mins of detailed instruction
  • Download all stock assets used
  • Audio: English
  • Unlimited access